1.    Cards must be in good condition.  NM + preferred.  Cards that show wear will be offered considerably less than TCGPlayer list price; we may not be able to make you any offer on cards in bad shape. (Sleeve your cards! Even penny sleeves are better than no sleeves!)

2.    We use TCGPlayer market price as a guide.  I know there are many guides with many prices, we had to choose one, we settled on TCGPlayer.

3.    There are exceptions to every rule.  As a rule, this is what you can expect for your cards:


vCommon and Uncommon    – $1 Store credit per/250 cards  (we can only accept cards in NM+ condition for common and uncommon, and we only take in commons and uncommon as part of a bulk trade that includes rare and mythic cards)

vRare  – 10¢ Store credit /per card (Penny /per card if less than NM if we can accept it.)

vMythic and Beyond – We’ll look up the card on TCGPlayer.  Cards in NM+ condition will typically be offered 40% of market price for store credit and 30% for cash trade.


4.    If you have a common – rare card that has a higher than usual value we can look it up and adjust our standard offer.  (typically only if the card is valued over $1.)



All offers and decisions to not make an offer are at the discretion of store management.