welcome to the new & what's happening to the old

We are super excited to announce our new loyalty program, the Force Points Program!


You can check out the details of the new program by clicking on the "Force Loyalty Program" tab. So what about the old discount programs? All other discount programs are being discontinued. The new one is so much easier and, we think, so much better! If you have an active Comic Force membership card, you can turn it in for a $20 gift card and start your new Force Points card! (There is no charge for the new program!) 


Comic pull list discounts are also being discontinued. The store wide discount portion is now discontinued, however, your current discount tier for comic books and graphic novels will either stay in effect until January 1, 2020 OR if you want you can end it now and start the Force Points Program, it's up to you!

Instituting a new program was a big decision for us and we hope you'll find the new program a fun and convenient way to get rewards for shopping with us! If you have any questions about the new system, or why we've chosen this type of program please feel free drop us an email or come down and talk with Gale (When she gets back from her broken leg event!) or Josh!